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Shangqiu City, Henan province from Suiyang police investigation together with the serious harm the social order of the trouble in the case of track along the line, file for investigation, successfully destroyed a Mafia criminal gangs involved in evil. According to local police, most of the members of the gang are women, most of whom are about 50 years old, and the largest is 70 years old. 18, the relevant personnel of Public Security Bureau of Shangqiu City Suiyang police reports, January 2016 to reporters, Suiyang police received a public warning, said a Suiyang district site to hinder the construction of affray case. The case has a bad effect on the local. Suiyang police quickly dispatched elite police set up a task force to carry out investigation work. Through peripheral investigation, visit, and video surveillance information, the police officers have gradually grasped the situation of the group involved in the case. After investigation, the police found out some of the criminal facts of the gang. In February 2016, the persons involved in the case, Hu Mou and Chen, were arrested and returned to the case. After interrogation, since 2013, the suspect Humou unified planning, organization established to Chen, a high English, Su Mouyuan, Liu Mouling as the basic key members fixed, with Wang Moue, Zhang Mouling, Liu Mouling and many other miscellaneous social workers as members of the gang, in the city of Shangqiu and Yucheng within the county, Xiayi County in the illegal disposal of all types of debt disputes, medical malpractice, land disputes, relocation compensation, neighborhood disputes and other civil and economic disputes of economic sources (per person per day appearance fees 200 yuan, into the police station or the injured plus money, sometimes is the contract fee several yuan), take insults, beatings, insults, intimidation, any damage to occupation of public or private property, and other means to disturb, we, from the illegal profits. The police said that most of the members of the gang were women, most of whom were about 50 years old, and the largest was 70 years old. In order to achieve the goal, we should take the means of abuse, strip, insult, intimidation, assault and damage to property, and threaten the personal safety of others, causing panic among the masses and causing bad effects in the society. According to the introduction, the gang involved more than 30 people and 29 cases of provocation. At present, 14 major gang members, such as Hu and Chen, were sentenced to 2 to 11 years’ imprisonment, respectively.    
坏人变老了?河南打击涉黑团伙 50岁左右大妈成团伙骨干力量作案手段多样 河南省商丘市睢阳警方从侦办一起严重危害社会秩序的寻衅滋事案件入手,顺线追踪,深挖细查,成功打掉了一个涉黑涉恶犯罪团伙。据当地警方介绍,该团伙成员大部分是女性,年龄大都在50岁左右,最大的已70岁。 18日,商丘市公安局睢阳警方相关人员向记者介绍,2016年1月,睢阳警方接到群众报警,称睢阳区某工地发生阻碍施工寻衅滋事案件。该案在当地造成恶劣影响。睢阳警方迅速抽调精干民警成立专案组全力开展侦办工作。专案民警通过外围调查、走访、调取视频监控信息,逐步掌握了该团伙涉案人员情况。 经过调查,办案民警查明查清了该团伙的部分犯罪事实。2016年2月份先后将涉案人员胡某、陈某等人抓获归案。
坏人变老了?河南打击涉黑团伙 50岁左右大妈成团伙骨干力量作案手段多样 经讯问,自2013年以来,由犯罪嫌疑人胡某统一策划,组织成立以陈某、高某英、苏某元、刘某玲为基本固定的骨干成员,以王某娥、张某玲、刘某玲等多名社会闲杂无业人员为成员的团伙组织,在商丘市区及夏邑县、虞城县范围内非法插手处置各类债务纠纷、医疗事故、宅基地纠纷、拆迁补偿、邻里争执等经济、民事纠纷获得经济来源(每人每天“出场费”200元,进派出所或者受伤的人员另加钱,有时是承包费若干元),采取辱骂、殴打、侮辱、恐吓、任意损毁、占用公私财物等手段,逞强耍横,寻衅滋事,从中非法获利。 警方介绍,该团伙成员大部分是女性,年龄大都在50岁左右,最大的已70岁。为达目的,公然采取辱骂、脱衣侮辱、恐吓殴打、损毁财物等手段,威胁伤害他人人身安全,引起群众恐慌,在社会上造成恶劣影响。 据介绍,该团伙涉案人员30余人,寻衅滋事案件29起。目前,犯罪嫌疑人胡某、陈某等14名主要团伙成员分别被判处2至11年有期徒刑。    相关的主题文章: