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Argentina couple to the gang name of extortion China supermarket was arrested and sentenced – Sohu (Argentina Chinese News Network Huang Dong) according to the Argentina overseas Chinese network compile reports, Argentina some gang members to use the phone or put a note, the shopkeeper asked to pay to death threats. "We pay, gangsters, or kill you!" In March and April this year, some Chinese supermarkets were threatened, sometimes accompanied by shootings. According to the relevant information of Santa Fe Rosario, before the accused of extortion, threats and abuse of firearms, a woman was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment (suspended), another man was sentenced to 4 years. This series of threats to Chinese supermarket owners occurred in March and April, two of which were associated with the victims. One is the Chinese supermarket owner, who is at Pasaje 7200 Gandhi street, who has received a death threat from a phone call and a slip of paper near the supermarket. The gangsters began demanding 10 thousand pesos, but then rose to $20 thousand, and sometimes even opened fire near the door. The same thing happened in 1200 Colombres street, in April 1st, two people riding a motorcycle to the store, when after shopping, one of them will have to write the Chinese note to the supermarket owner (a Chinese female), says he is in the "China Gang" work, if want peace, to pay him 20 thousand pesos, otherwise you will kill the supermarket boss. An hour later, the supermarket boss was fired several shots, but fortunately no injuries. After taking over the case, investigators found that at least 4 people involved, but only two of the identity was confirmed. In April 6th, the two couples to the Pasaje Gandhi Street 7200, ride a motorcycle, the supermarket, after knocking at the door, the shoe box dropped from the balcony of a box with 10 thousand pesos; woman money, trying to ride a motorcycle to escape, but then was arrested by the police. It was confirmed that the couple were named Daiana Florencia Obregó N and Cristian Alexis Salinas. After his arrest, they confessed to the doings to admit, three cases were using the same technique. (Huang Dong)相关的主题文章: