Li Yifeng since the evaluation of sparrow acting can also-特命战队go busters

Li Yifeng: self rating "sparrow" acting "but also" Li Yifeng Sina entertainment news in the 2016 BAZAAR Charity Night scene, the [micro-blog] and Li Yifeng chatted. Recently, Li Yifeng starred in the Spy Drama "sparrow" is being aggressively, its role has breakthrough performance, but also a lot of the audience will be Li Yifeng, Luyi Zhang [micro-blog], Zhang Ruoyun [micro-blog] and before the hot "the pretender" Ming’s three brothers as compared with the heat users directly to the heart he and Hu Ge [micro-blog] performance comparison. Talk about this topic, Li Yifeng said: "always there, hope every Spy Drama has its own position. The performance is also not winning. Their performance can also be." And Li Yifeng’s earlier rumored girlfriend Lee Da Hae [micro-blog] recently admitted a new romance, asked whether it would be a blessing? The staff stop sound, Li Yifeng laughed and pointed to the making up, came to knock the head, "you ah!" Sina entertainment broadcast: "sparrow", someone put you, Zhang Luyi, and Zhang Ruoyun before the hot "the pretender" Ming’s three brothers are compared, what do you think? Li Yifeng: is always there, but I hope that some of the Spy Drama, can have some of their own position. Sina entertainment: will anyone compare you to Hu Ge’s acting? Do you have confidence to win? Li Yifeng: in fact, performance not winning, just hope can bring the audience to play the role of time, can be attracted to you, this is the most important. Sina entertainment: I have seen before some spy film? Li Yifeng: when I was a kid. Sina entertainment: childhood? In recent years, "camouflage" what has not seen? Li Yifeng: not really ah, has been in the movie. Sina entertainment: because you have a uniform style in "sparrow", before a friend William Chan [micro-blog] "in the" old nine door uniform modelling also captured the hearts of a people. Think who’s handsome? Li Yifeng: you’re comparing (laughs). Sina entertainment: on the evaluation of it? Li Yifeng: "old nine door" is also very popular, I know they are including other very popular. Sina entertainment: are you satisfied with your acting in the sparrow? Li Yifeng: okay. Sina entertainment: what’s next? Li Yifeng: now still take the "psychological" crime, should be at the end of the month fixing it, now just two drama "sparrow", "Zhu Xian" was broadcast, still very happy, pretty enough. (XLZY Zhang Dawei)相关的主题文章: