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"Sparrow" Luyi Zhang: the villain is very simple to play " " Sohu   entertainment; "sparrow" Luyi Zhang: the villain is very simple information times   Luyi Zhang with acting gain a lot of fans sister, he in the "sparrow" in partnership with Li Yifeng, in his "force", Li Yifeng’s acting there has been great progress. "The sparrow" since the Qing Dutch act is regarded as "the pretender" after the most exciting Spy Drama, the audience waiting for a few months, the drama in the days before finally landing in Hunan tv. As the series aired, play the characters Li Yifeng, Zhang Luyi, Li Xiaoran, Dongyu Zhou and Zhang Ruoyun have appeared, acting and idol type mix also let the drama comes with the topic attribute. After the episode aired, "a word not just the wind play" Luyi Zhang once again become a topic, in recent years, with acting he gain a lot of fans sister, began a new round of powder trip. Yesterday, Zhang Luyi accepted the reporter’s interview, he told us: "the villain is very simple, want to play him as a person, not a bad guy." As a senior, praising Li Yifeng play in the "sparrow", played by Zhang Luyi Bi Zhongliang and Li Yifeng as Chen is deep, Wang puppet government special action of the agents, the relationship between the two hares, very complex. Idol representative Li Yifeng and acting representative on behalf of a large number of opponents play, a lot of friends in the evaluation of the "persecution", the acting of Li Yifeng has made great progress in the Zhang Luyi, Zhang Luyi. As the entertainment industry’s predecessors, Zhang Luyi is how to look at Li Yifeng’s acting? He said: "Li Yifeng’s progress has to be said, I believe that we can all see his show and the performance of the different ways in the past, so I am very happy." After working with Li Yifeng, Luyi Zhang evaluation to each other: "life he is a reclusive man, his work is a responsibility for their own people." As an actor for the role of weight gain of 20 pounds of Zhang Luyi in the film and television works with "love wind play" nature, which is called "entertainment of a stream". This time, he played Bi Zhongliang is regarded as the biggest highlight of the series launch. Evaluation of the audience in the play, Zhang Luyi questioned Li Xiaoran a drama, showing the "enemy" is level, one side is a modest, self-disciplined gentleman, also showed a serpent. And his relationship with Li Yifeng, is full of doubt and affection, eyes seemed to have special effects aside. In this regard, Zhang Luyi said: I just put the character to be more three-dimensional, so that we see him at multiple levels." In fact, Zhang Luyi in order to shape this role, also made great efforts, he gained 10 kilograms, since "death than starve worse", he also insisted on their own voice, said: "even if the character is not good, which is afraid of being scolded, scolded me, don’t freak a bad voice." As an artist, life without "cold" feeling during the filming of "sparrow" during his most memorable scenes Luyi Zhang recalled the said: "love is the scene of Li Yifeng’s life and play at home, eat a meal, drink and chat is my favorite.相关的主题文章: