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Network media reporters "licensing" a memorable 6 anniversary "runaway big event – the Sohu news in November 6th last year, the first batch of news website reporter certificate issued. Get a new identity "certification" of the network media, full of vitality everywhere, give us a colorful news feast. The reporter Festival, spread Jun together with you review this year, six network media reporters memorable runaway big event. 1 of poverty alleviation in Guizhou in January 2016, the first batch of 25 reporters licensing central network information office organization, and other 14 central news sites, and other types of media journalists and media people from hundreds of interviews, reports of Guizhou scientific administration of vivid practice of the poor, the precision of the effectiveness of poverty alleviation. The power of media editors and reporters "tough", just 5 days time, the effective dissemination activities of nearly 1 billion people, set off to promote Guizhou to support poverty alleviation heatwave. "Why is Xi Jinping a meeting here, but also let them junlingzhuang" 9 articles heavy articles, transfer the cadres and the masses in the central leadership to friends, fully completed a vivid picture of a well-off society. One of the effects of trilogy Trilogy: A pottery journey from to well-off life, and so on a number of articles in English, German, with a living example to the international community to demonstrate China’s brilliant achievements in poverty alleviation in poverty. The 2 new year at the beginning of the new year 2016 to go grassroots, first apply for permits reporters Central News website reporter as the main body of the network matchmaker, the front line, to carry out precise, down to earth coverage, show big weather from "micro story", show the pattern from the masses feel. More than 600 journalists, 14 central news websites and other online media editors, go to the country, into the poor mountainous areas, minority villages, into the spring, along the border post, in-depth industrial workshop, fields, focus on youth entrepreneurship, left-behind children, employees, officers and soldiers in the focus line…… The vivid story, the real details, the moving scene and the exquisite brush strokes, the Chinese story which occurs in the populace, describes the national reform and development the new meteorology. 3 NPC and CPPCC first show bright artifact in March 3rd, with Chinese network reporter Zhang Ningrui questioned the spokesman of the session of the CPPCC in the twelve session of the four meeting of the first press conference, the national network media reporter NPC and CPPCC publicity "debut" kicked off. Just ten days,,, Guangming and other 14 central major news sites have deployed more than 130 employees, more than 1100 of the first certified reporter editors involved in the report. High standard, high quality original media works 95 thousand and 400, the formation of web search information about 23800000, according to incomplete statistics, 14 web page views and two micro end views accumulated more than 1 billion 200 million times, more than 500 million visitors and users to participate in interactive comments. 4 go turn change "Hebei time" in late April 2016, 14 central news sites and local news website reporter and editor, network media editorial staff of 64, a total of.相关的主题文章: