Xiamen branch of the three branch of the construction of young volunteers to help Xiamen reconstruct-1926年属相�

In the construction of three Xiamen branch of young volunteers to help the reconstruction of Xiamen – Beijing in the construction of three Xiamen branch "red" youth volunteers to help the reconstruction work in Xiamen in 2016 fourteenth typhoon "Meranti" on September 15th at about 3 points in the 05 Xiamen Xiangan coastal landing, landing near the center of the largest wind 15 (48 m / sec, the strong typhoon level), central pressure of 94 thousand and 500 kPa, since this year is the world’s strongest typhoon, since 1949 is the strongest typhoon landed in Fujian, a time storm tide in Xiamen Island, the trees break fly, traffic jams, hydropower full off, Xiamen suffered great trauma. After the typhoon, as a positive response to the Xiamen municipal government, Xiamen City Construction Bureau after the disaster and initiative in the construction of three Xiamen branch red youth volunteer action immediately give up the rare Mid Autumn Festival holiday, have taken to the streets for three consecutive days to clear the road to carry out volunteer service activities, help Xiamen reconstruction work orderly forward, with love and devotion to the light of hope. In September 15th, the first day after the typhoon, the coastal city devastated, scarred, blew down trees, billboards, road water, causing serious traffic jams, dredge traffic, for each unit after the disaster rescue team for lifeline is the priority among priorities. Therefore, in the construction of three 15 volunteers took to the streets to drive, started power reconstruction first shot. They wear uniforms, wear protective accessories, broom, shovel, from east to North Software Park Exhibition to carry out dangerous evacuation and traffic zone dredging work. Because of the tight schedule, the task is heavy, red always volunteers not neglect to race against time. A road is full of trees, billboards were blown wind, become an obstacle to the traffic problem". Volunteers work together to move the debris out of the driveway in time to make sure the road is clear. Clean up, the sky began pounding rain, brought great difficulties for the dredging work. But the "red" volunteers wearing umbrellas, still stick to work. Among them, turn into the channel of the international community in Luling Road, road water seriously, traffic is blocked in the serious investigation of the cause, the volunteers found that the original is the leaves on both sides of the road sewer blockage caused by poor drainage waterlogging. At this time under the rain still in full swing, the volunteers braved the rain, on the water, wearing gloves, direct hand stuck in the sewer mouth leaves and other debris removal. Look at the water from the water rushing stream channel after dredging, volunteers are feminine, completely refused to take him to the mud and water. Finally, the efforts of everyone, sewer, the normal operation of the road drainage system, a large area of water finally drained, effectively ensure the smooth passage of Luling road vehicles. September 16th -9 month 17 days, branch joint in the construction of three Kuanyinshan Plaza project, volunteer workers, red volunteer force expanded to more than 50 people. The organization of small excavators 1 units, earthmoving vehicles 8, saw 6 volunteers, heavily armed, once again set foot on the reconstruction of the road to Genting battlefield, high-tech park, responsible person for channels on both sides of the road. After a typhoon sunny, the temperature rose)相关的主题文章: