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A residential property owners have spent 1 million 600 thousand to repair the elevator in the new network objections – Beijing News (reporter Pan Jiakun) from the beginning of this month, Tongzhou Century Star City building has 15 residents each elevator outage, inconvenience to the owners, owners of nearly 300 households affected. The residential property company Dongguang property that is applying for the maintenance of public funds for maintenance, but the maintenance budget of about 1 million 600 thousand yuan, causing some owners questioned. The old man went downstairs to the elevator outage yesterday morning, Tongzhou District Century Star City District, a residential building near the elevator outage on the wall, posted a cover of "elevator regular inspection report and quality detection of Tongzhou District Special Equipment Inspection Institute of Beijing city" dedicated seal supervision of special equipment safety supervision instructions. These documents show that the elevator inspection equipment safety problems exist, the test conclusion is unqualified, shall be ordered to stop the use of the accident to eliminate hidden dangers. Elevator began to stop in November 3rd, has been more than and 10 days, the courier can not be closed, the building of a pregnant woman said on the 6 floor. The same floor, a 9 year old man claiming to have been at the age of 83, said he usually go downstairs every day to exercise, because the elevator outage has been down for no more than three days, can only lie at home. The reason for the elevator outage, reporters call the century star owners committee learned that the district 89 building 96 unit to No. 15 elevator, due to long working life inspection unqualified, elevator outage affected owners of nearly 300 households. The maintenance fee of 160 million hosted by the industry committee, provide the objection from the residential property company "on the maintenance fund to enable elevator maintenance function shows that the each elevator were made to assess the budget, is expected to be 1 million 600 thousand yuan. Some owners expressed objection. "We have to live for decades, the money is used up, there will be greater problems in the future trouble." One owner said that the use of such a large public maintenance fund, the interests of the owners will be damaged. And the owners of property charges, including elevator maintenance, elevator repair property should be as soon as possible, to reduce the impact on the lives of owners. For the budget, the residential property company Dongguang property staff said, because the 15 elevator overhaul, the amount of funds needed will be relatively large. It is estimated to be nearly 2 million, the property costs are not enough, so to apply for the use of public maintenance fund, the staff said, as for the specific maintenance costs, but also further accounting. Start – up of public maintenance fund to the actual investigation and consultation with the owners for property maintenance can lift and enable the owners of public maintenance fund, and maintenance of the specific amount, Beijing housing safety testing center staff said that the elevator is a shared facilities and equipment, overhaul, after the expiration of the warranty repair and renovation for the use of residential special maintenance fund. As for the property company said the maintenance budget, but also on the basis of our specific site visits, sorting out the maintenance of the identification of the number of public funds to enable the maintenance of the approval." The staff member told reporters that the identification report to be confirmed after the need to enable the amount of public maintenance fund, and then.相关的主题文章: