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That child is the daughter of maternal emotional bleeding after hysterectomy: that the original title is the daughter of maternal emotional final hemorrhage hysterectomy Provincial Maternal and child health hospital, Ms. Lee (a pseudonym) due to emotional fluctuations lead to intractable postpartum hemorrhage, the doctor is to rescue. Figure correspondent Hu Min Changsha net news October 28th (Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Wu Wenfang correspondent Hu Min Han Xu) gave birth to two child baby, originally is a happy thing, but Lee (a pseudonym) has recently undergone a test of life and death. Learned that his two children is still a baby daughter, Ms. Lee mood swings, lead to intractable postpartum hemorrhage, and the subconscious still resist the rescue, the rescue of Hunan province MCH medical staff parties finally hysterectomy to stop blood. And she has entered more than and 60 bags of blood products, a full loss of 9000 ml of blood, almost equivalent to the body for the blood of the two. At 6 o’clock in the afternoon, operation room received a telephone delivery room, a maternal postpartum hemorrhage has reached up to 2500 ml, bleeding is still more than the need to turn to the operation room rescue. The panel of experts decided to conduct an exploratory laparotomy immediately after the discussion. Due to the amount of bleeding, maternal consciousness has been blurred. However, her subconscious still resisted rescue. Anesthesia doctors quickly do a good job of general anesthesia, surgical doctors quickly open the abdominal cavity, uterine bleeding site. Because pregnant women are younger, rescue teams try to keep their uterus. But on the operating table, the doctor exhausted the hemostatic method, still can not effectively control the uterine bleeding. For the sake of maternal safety, rescue team decided to immediately remove the uterus. Director of Obstetrics, maternal and child health hospital chief physician You Yiping told Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter, Shou family members outside the operating room and did not hesitate to accept the doctor’s advice. After all, this is a life." After hysterectomy, maternal bleeding was controlled. Under the operating table, the anesthesiologist returned to the maternal blood transfusion. During the operation, operation room nurses lost a total of more than and 60 bags of blood products. After a series of rescue treatment, Ms. Lee’s vital signs gradually stabilized. At this time, the rescue has been carried out for 5 hours, a total of 9000 ml of bleeding and Ms. Lee, "the equivalent of 6000 milliliters of blood in her body all drained away, for she lost 6000 ml of blood and lost half". Why the birth and the birth of a child without any abnormal maternal birth in bleeding? After surgery, the panel was discussed. Originally, Ms. Lee is the birth of a child born daughter. When the midwife told her this is her daughter, the psychological mood changes, and deliberately do not cooperate. A variety of physiological and psychological factors leading to postpartum uterine atony, resulting in intractable postpartum hemorrhage. Provincial Maternal and child experts remind knee sons and daughters, to cobble together a word "good" is undoubtedly the most family dream, but the birth of male and female is not personal behavior control. Child mother must be mentally prepared, the end of the delivery, not too much emotional fluctuations, so as not to affect their own lives. Remind the mood swings or can cause uterine atony, director of Obstetrics, maternal and child health hospital director Yan bleeding induced by swimming相关的主题文章: