99 year old volunteers hand woven with a hat on the top of the 99 donated (Figure)-索尼a350

99 year old volunteers: personally weave the top hat to donate at the birthday (Figure) original title: when she decided to volunteer at the age of 97, she said, to do something for the people in need of help in, is Yu Kuangzhang’s old man’s birthday of 99 years old in August 28th. Her hair is gray, active thinking, memory is very good. Can not see nearly a hundred years old. And even more admirable is that the old man or Shangyu lit a lamp, a volunteer charity organizations. Before the 99 year old birthday, the old man did a very meaningful thing. She gave her hand to the people who needed it for the 99 hats. Since the beginning of 2014 to do volunteer, the old man has woven hundreds of hats, mostly sent to children in poor areas, there are several times, the elderly also personally sent to them. "These are small things. What’s good?" The old man said. Yu Kuangzhang’s daughter is a volunteer, she told the evening news reporter, is the mother of a man at peace with the world. Yu Kuangzhang’s father Yu Danping is in the period of Republic of China Zhejiang famous revolutionist, industrialist and philanthropist. Family style ladies in Yu Kuangzhang who are still, she likes to drink coffee, eat chocolate, love snooker etc.. "100 years old next year, I want to weave the top 100." The old man said. At the age of 97 I decided to become a volunteer to do what a hundred year old lady for those who are suffering, in the eyes of ordinary people is need to be taken care of, why she can act in a diametrically opposite way, to help others? It turned out that the old man’s daughter Liu and many people around Shangyu are lit a light volunteer organizations, often participate in public welfare activities. Back home, the daughter and mother always tell the story in the team, what time to what place what people help, the old man always listened with relish. "There are so many people suffering. What can I do?" One day, the old man suddenly asked his daughter. The winter of 2014, Ms. Liu was busy to go to Tibet to give poor kids clothes. "If the weather is so cold, do the children need some hats and scarves?" The old man asked. The old man Yu Kuangzhang out of the top drawer, had learned hand sewing, knitting is very good. She said, his older, one can only do this thing. Mother’s idea, get the support of her daughter. On one occasion, the daughter and friends to talk about this matter, my friend said he would also like to do a good job, the wool is provided by him. In this way, the second day, the old man began to weave a wool hat. It wasn’t long before the old man became a volunteer at the charity organization, and she was probably the oldest volunteer in Zhejiang. In order to better knit hat she was dedicated to do cataract surgery a smooth and clean hair, his chest hung a long string of pearls, old Yu Kuangzhang ruddy speech full of spirit, quick thinking, good listening. "Since I started knitting hats, my mother took it as her first priority." Ms. Liu said, her mother began to weave every morning, when the weather is cold, the first nest in the quilt fabric for a while, then get up and wash, eat breakfast and continue to weave. In the evening to be woven to around 10 points, is to sleep in bed before weaving. A hat with 2.5 to 3 two wool.相关的主题文章: