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Beijing taxi plans to implement the total control of the implementation of government guidance to the implementation of the original title: Taxi Quantity Control of roving vehicles continue to implement government management right guidance vehicle free use of three documents released yesterday, but also to deepen the reform and private cruise taxi minibus carpool were clear. Among them, the "opinions" on deepening reform and promoting the healthy development of the taxi industry in Beijing city will be proposed to dynamically control the total taxi, taxi cruises will continue the implementation of government guidance, adhere to the management right of free use of vehicles. The "guidance" of Beijing City Private minibus carpool travel bus is put forward, also is Beijing plate, and the registered driver by frequency per vehicle per day shall not exceed two times. The taxi will implement the total control of the original car rental: yesterday released the "Beijing on deepening reform and promoting the healthy development of the taxi industry views" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") will be clear, the scientific orientation of the taxi service, the establishment of the total dynamic regulation mechanism. "Opinions" put forward, the parade car and network about the car to have a reasonable capacity scale and structure. According to the functional orientation of the capital, considering the factors of quantity, the population of this city is the level of economic development, city traffic congestion, air quality, reasonably determine the taxi in the city comprehensive transportation system in proportion to establish a dynamic monitoring and adjustment mechanism. – Interpretation: Beijing University of Technology professor Chen Yanyan: Beijing travel experts and traffic congestion is serious, the haze and other urban diseases prominent, from the international city development experience, the development of public transport, is the best way to solve the massive population travel. In the long run, the net about the car, taxi can not occupy the main city, from the travel bus, subway and other structure, is the main tool of people travel to the future, but a taxi is as a supplement, therefore need to control the total. Failed the examination will be resumed right – the "opinions" clear, will reform the management rights management system, adhere to the management right of free use of vehicles. The new cruise vehicle management rights shall be limited to the implementation period, and shall not be subject to change. The term of the right to operate a cruise car is the same as that of the vehicle. Establish the relationship between the number of vehicle management rights and the quality of service quality evaluation. The term of operation right expires or the major problems in service quality, operating in the process of major production safety accidents, serious illegal acts, assessment of credit quality of service failure situation, according to the relevant provisions to recover the right to operate. – Interpretation: the Ministry of transportation taxi reform deepening, chief expert Professor Xu Kangming: the regulations are put forward higher requirements on the Beijing taxi driver and enterprise, "the survival of the fittest", will enable the taxi to provide better, more comfortable travel experience for passengers. Cruise vehicle implementation of government guidance – the "opinions" clearly, taxi operators to sign a labor contract law and the contract with the driver, to build harmonious labor relations. To encourage, support and guide the cruise car companies, industry associations, drivers and trade unions 2相关的主题文章: