Zhao Liying group agent CP genius girl to develop a record (video)-海思k3v2

Lu Yi group agent CP genius girl to remember the birth of Zhao Liying’s "rouge" depth of the war drama latent, suffered inhuman torture! Tencent entertainment directed by Xu Jizhou, starring Lu Yi, Zhao Liying, Tao Xinran, Yuan Wenkang and other actor starred in the legendary Spy Drama "rouge" 19:30 tonight at the Oriental TV broadcasting dream theater. This is a rare in women from the perspective of the Spy Drama, Zhao Liying first appeared in the Spy Drama, high color value, Lu Yi and composition of high intelligence, high force value of the "three high" CP. Fresh, fresh type of drama screen couple, "rouge" will be in the fall of the television screen on a warm wind blowing. Zhao Liying Lu Yi group "agent CP" rookie agent a warm handsome male TV drama "rouge" is set in Shanghai during the war, as the progress of youth, but also the family bank Miss blue Rouge (Zhao Liying ornaments) have a cavity strong patriotic enthusiasm, opportunity Qiao to agents, met in three identities in a mysterious spy Zhou Yuhao (Lu Yishi), two people from the frenemy relationship developed into a collaborative War struggle, quarrelsome lovers, to safeguard national interests. In 1937, the battle of Shanghai soon broke out in Shanghai, the daughter of rich blue Rouge unexpected with a military plan top secret intelligence Rouge box, was involved in the juntong agents and Japanese spies confrontation. Full of patriotic enthusiasm for her initiative to request the bureau to become agents. Because the gifted, she is like a duck in the days after the investigation action, and successfully uncovered a Japanese spy spy, how was Feng Manna bestie (Tao Xinran) father, bestie and rouge to enemies, and those in Japanese under the spell. With the arrest of another spy "shadow", lurking in the Zhou Yuhao China Communist Kuomintang intelligence officer decided to pretend "shadow", reverse osmosis into Japan tegaoke, using Rouge et al to hunt him won the Japanese executives trust, and encouraged by the success of national party down to join the Communist Party to the Anti Japanese Rouge journey. Two people also cooperate in the dark feelings. Zhao Liying screen agent early experience, bid farewell to "silly white sweet" transformation "cool mad tyrants pull much earlier in the hit show, Zhao Liying in the lovely image of the show, in the eyes of the audience with her role is often" silly white sweet "contact. In fact, the "rouge" in the original script, blue Rouge has also been made into a silly white sweet girl. The first contact Spy Drama, supposedly to see such a role Zhao Liying should feel very much at home can easily deal with, but in fact, Zhao Liying is very upset after reading the script: "I can’t sleep, and the director to chat, the word agent is a very serious thing for me, must have certain qualities only complete the task may be to become agents. I hope my first time to play the spy game, this role is strong enough, brave to assume responsibility." After repeated communication and efforts, finally appears as a blue Rouge some manly "gifted female agents" image, and will also break the Spy Drama the usual mindset and story routine, for the first time from the perspective of women to start the story: "previous spy drama is the male perspective, although the burning of brain but sometimes I feel"相关的主题文章: