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Not all relationships can make people beautiful. "Blushing, heartbeat" accelerates aging. According to Livedoor news, Japan, a stable love woman can produce a beautiful hormone. A stable relationship of mutual trust between lovers is more beneficial to beauty and can also effectively prevent aging. An unstable love and a sad love like a roller coaster can accelerate the aging of women. We often say that love makes people more beautiful. So, what kind of love can make people become beautiful? I believe that a lot of people have the experience of thinking about each other’s things so tense that their heartbeats can’t eat any more. It’s all in the body called PEA (phenylalanine). The heartbeat means the beginning of a relationship, so PEA is an essential substance in love. But in fact, PEA stimulates the sympathetic nerve, causing the flow of blood and the increase of active oxygen, which is harmful to the beauty of beauty. Love go wrong, or what is it to be, the pressure will become larger, the sympathetic nerve will become active, prompting the body aging. The adrenal cortex is also stimulated by the stimulation of the appetite, which makes it easier for people to eat and eat. In the long run, the adrenal gland will enter a fatigue state, causing weakness or chronic fatigue. Therefore, the unstable love, the pursuit of a sense of excitement, even if no more beautiful, but will accelerate the aging of the body. So, how can you make yourself more beautiful through love? After the relationship lasted for 2 to 3 years, the secretion of PEA began to decline. We don’t jump out of the face because of each other’s movements. Some people who yearn for a strong romance may not choose to continue to stick to this love and start a new pursuit. It is only after this is the stage that "love makes people become beautiful". If we turn the love of the other person into real love at this stage, the body will start to secrete the human hormone endorphin and the oxytocin. Beta endorphins can activate an immune cell called "natural suppressor cells", which effectively prevent cell aging. In addition, the increase of intimacy by building trust with each other also promotes the secretion of oxytocin in the posterior leaf. People are secreted during childbirth and breastfeeding, so the substance is also a "love hormone". And the love of his love of love in the brain is also a lot of secretion of oxytocin, not only to sublimate love, but also to bring you a sense of peace. In addition, the posterior oxytocin can also effectively relieve the fatigue and reduce the pressure. Body contact is the key to the secretion of this substance. So there are more oxytocin secreted between couples who are often hugging and kissing. "Love" makes women more beautiful than simple love feelings like "like". I hope you can have a love that allows you to secrete more beta endorphins and later oxytocin. Click to join the grand Cantonese health official group (187945286) more wonderful, more welfare, it is bad for you.

不是所有的恋爱都会让人变美丽 “脸红心跳”加速衰老据日本Livedoor新闻网报道,恋爱情况稳定的女性可以分泌出一种让人变美的荷尔蒙。与情侣之间相互信任的稳定恋情对美容更有益,也能有效防止老化。而如同过山车般不稳定的恋爱、悲情的恋爱都会加速女性的老化。我们常说,恋爱会让人变的更美丽。那么,究竟什么样的恋爱才会让人变的美丽呢?相信很多人都有过一想到对方的事情就十分紧张,心跳加速什么都吃不下的经历。这都是体内一种叫做PEA(苯丙氨酸)的作用。心跳意味着一段恋情的开始,因此PEA是恋爱中必不可少的物质。但实际上,PEA会刺激交感神经,导致血流不畅,活性氧增加,这对是美容有害无益的。恋情进展不顺时,或者有什么事情想不通时,人的压力就会变大,交感神经也会变得活跃,促使身体老化。肾上腺皮质在受刺激之下也会促进人产生食欲,让人更容易暴饮暴食。长此以往,肾上腺便会进入疲劳状态,导致浑身无力或慢性疲劳。因此,那些不稳定的恋爱、追求刺激感的恋爱即使再多也不会让人变的美丽,反而会加快身体老化。那么,怎样才能通过恋爱让自己变的更加漂亮呢?在恋情持续2到3年之后,PEA的分泌开始下降。我们不再因为对方的一举一动而脸红心跳。一些渴望轰轰烈烈恋情的人可能就不会选择继续坚守这段爱情,开始展开新的追逐。殊不知这之后才是进入“恋爱让人变美”的阶段。如果在这一阶段我们把对对方的喜欢转化为真正的爱,体内就会开始分泌让人变美的荷尔蒙β内啡肽和后叶催产素了。β内啡肽可以激活一种叫做“自然抑制细胞”的免疫细胞,有效防止细胞老化。另外,通过和对方构筑信赖关系增加亲密度也可以促进后叶催产素的分泌。人在分娩和哺乳时会大量分泌,所以该物质又被成为“爱的荷尔蒙”。和心爱的他爱爱时大脑中也会大量分泌后叶催产素,不仅可以升华爱情也能为你带来安心感呢。另外,后叶催产素还可以有效缓解疲劳降低压力。想要分泌这种物质,肢体接触是关键。所以那些在平时经常拥抱和亲吻的情侣之间分泌的后叶催产素较多。比起“喜欢”这种单纯的恋爱感情,“爱”会让女性变得更加美丽。希望大家都可以拥有一段让你可以分泌更多β内啡肽和后叶催产素的爱情哦。点击加入大粤健康官方群 (187945286)更多精彩,更多福利,就差你了哦~相关的主题文章: