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Network audio-visual industry heavyweights industry pulse "to do word-of-mouth explosion according to the third party statistics, in 2016, the number of online video users more than 500 million, total industry revenue grew 10 billion to 1 in August, an increase of more than 55% of the total amount of playing. The video site is probably the dance for joy, paying users, this means that for ten years only through a single mode of selling advertising revenue was finally broken. What’s the good day for the video website? Yesterday, "2016 Shanghai network audio-visual season and the eighth session of the China network Audio-Visual Industry Forum opened in Shanghai, the industry heavyweights gathered for the future of the entire industry pulse. The number of paying customers is more. In June last year, a Korean drama, the descendants of the sun, had taken a number of imaginary paying members to Iqiyi. Subsequently, each video website followed the recharge to see the drama become a trend and become more and more intense. Gong Yu, Iqiyi CEO, said, "although I don’t have publicly available data from any company, the data we pay privately knows that the number of branch revenue paid this year is several times that of last year. The increase of paid users brings more than economic benefits. In Gong Yu’s view, it also stimulates the quality of the works. "Before TV plays are bought by websites or TV stations, usually a few people decide what the masses are going to see. And now it’s the real user to make a decision. " In mainstream video sites, the average age of Bilibili users may be the lowest, so Chen Rui, chairman of the board, also stands on the young people’s standpoint: "why is website pay more and more popular? Why does the society think that piracy is an increasingly shameful thing? I think it’s very related to the growth of the post-90s. The enrichment of education and life from childhood makes them a generation of genuine cultural self-confidence, moral self-discipline and humanistic cultivation. " Homemade content makes money for selling advertising and selling members, is it to make video websites full of money? Not necessarily. Sun Zhonghuai, a penguin film CEO, claims that the high price of copyright is the key to video website’s slow profit. "Our playback volume is over 50%, but copyright price cost is doubled or even more than two times. This is our biggest pain." As a result, video sites in the past few years have started to play "homemade". Founded in September last year, the penguin pictures, in less than a year, launched the network drama "ghost blows Jingjue city", "network ensemble you normally do" and "let me go" North nose etc.. Oneness (Youku potato) group has already tasted the sweetness. The Mars Intelligence Agency 2, which will be launched in November, has earned more than 300 million yuan of Title revenue. Admittedly, the birth of the original content of the video site change, it can not only alleviate the copyright price of pain, can also provide good support for the realization of our own R & D, "the contents of the whole industry chain take all, many aspects of the income can be shared." Sun Zhonghuai revealed that the overall increase in network content is now the consensus of the whole industry. Word of mouth explosion is not enough, and the outstanding achievements have not satisfied the big players in the video industry. Sun Zhonghuai pointed out sharply: "nowadays the homemade programs on the Internet rely on vulgar content, eye catching, earning traffic and the proportion of taking money." In his view, "Internet generation" not only need to make traffic explosion, but also do word of mouth explosions. Only by keeping the bottom line of the industry and creating network products, can we go wider. Gong Yu also said, now to make a quality work, ultimately required creators develop the artisan spirit, "the story is a drama of the core, and actors, choreography, sound of each type of work should be fully involved." Surprisingly, it sounds a bit "old-fashioned" craftsman spirit, but now it is very popular among young people. One of the interesting cases was the early fire of "I built cultural relics in the Imperial Palace". The documentary of the total length of three episodes was first reproduced in January after CCTV broadcast, but after more than a month, Bilibili gathered at over 800 thousand hits after the 90s and 00. As a result, more and more video sites are looking at the humanities. The documentary "produced by Youku micro great master" will be the 20 Asian Artisan lens very elaborately the skills of life, micro records show the form of exquisite 20 artifacts and local cultural customs. Broadcast to Tencent micro-blog in the Shanghai show gossip to sweep me ~ reply "gossip", "entertainment": get the latest entertainment gossip reply "performance", "tickets": to understand the latest information on the left side of the two-dimensional code scanning, Shanghai WeChat, more free tickets waiting for you to receive

网络视听业界大佬为行业把脉 “要做口碑爆款”据第三方数据统计,2016年,网络视听用户数量超过5亿,全行业的收入同比增长100亿,1到8月总播放量同比增长55%以上。更令视频网站欢欣鼓舞的,恐怕是付费用户的增加,这意味着苦熬十几年仅仅通过卖广告创收的单一模式终于被打破。视频网站的好日子来了?昨日,“2016上海网络视听季暨第八届中国网络视听产业论坛”在沪开幕,业界大佬齐聚一堂,为整个行业的未来把脉。付费用户更多了去年6月,一部爆款韩剧《太阳的后裔》为揽入独播大权的爱奇艺拿下了数量超乎想象的付费会员。随后,各家视频网站纷纷效仿,充值看剧成为风潮,且愈演愈烈。爱奇艺CEO龚宇表示:“虽然我这儿没有各家公司公开的数据,但我们私下了解的数据,今年付费的分支收入是去年的数倍。”付费用户的增加,带来的不止是经济利益。在龚宇看来,它同样可刺激作品质量的提升,“以前电视剧由网站或电视台采购,通常是少数人来决定大众来看什么内容。而现在则是真正的用户来做决定。”在主流视频网站中,Bilibili的平均用户年龄可能是最低的,因此董事长陈睿看问题的角度也更站在年轻人的立场上:“为什么网站付费越来越普及?为什么现在社会认为盗版是越来越可耻的一件事?我认为和90后的成长非常有关系。从小在教育和生活上的充实,让他们成为真正有文化自信、道德自律和人文修养的一代。”自制内容挣钱了卖广告、卖会员,是不是让视频网站赚得盆满钵满了?未必。企鹅影业CEO孙忠怀称,高居不下的版权价格,是视频网站迟迟未能盈利的关键,“我们的播放量超50%的增长,但版权价格成本却是翻倍甚至是两倍以上的增长,这是我们最大的一个痛点。”因此,这几年视频网站都开始玩起了“自制”。成立于去年9月的企鹅影业,在不到一年的时间里,推出了网剧《鬼吹灯之精绝古城》、网综《你正常吗》和《放开我北鼻》等。而合一(优酷土豆)集团则早已尝到了甜头,其将于11月推出的《火星情报局2》截至目前已拿下逾3亿元的冠名收入。不可否认,原创内容的诞生让视频网站发生了质变,它不仅可缓解版权高价之痛,还可为变现提供很好的支撑,“我们自己研发的内容可以全产业链通吃,很多方面的收入都可以得到分享。”孙忠怀透露,全面加大网生内容的投入,是现在全行业的共识。口碑爆款还不够骄人的战绩并未让这些视频行业的大佬满足,孙忠怀就犀利地指出:“如今的网络自制节目,依靠低俗的内容博眼球、赚流量、拿钱的占比还是偏高。”在他看来,“网生代”不仅要做流量爆款,更要做口碑爆款,只有守住行业底线,打造网生精品,才能把路走得更宽。龚宇也表示,如今要做出一个有品质的作品,最终需要的还是创作者发扬工匠精神,“故事是一部剧的核心,而演员、舞美、音响等每一个工种也都要充分投入其中。”让人意外的是,听起来有些“老套”的工匠精神,如今却在年轻人中颇受追捧。其中一个有意思的案例,是年初大火的《我在故宫修文物》。这部总长三集的纪录片,最初1月份在央视播出后反响寥寥,一个多月后却在90后、00后聚集的Bilibili收获了超80万的点击量。因此,越来越多的视频网站将目光投向了人文板块。由优酷合制的微纪录片《了不起的匠人》就将镜头对准极具匠心的20位亚洲匠人的手艺生活,用微纪录的形式展现精妙的20件器物及各地的人文风情。 转播到腾讯微博 在魔都看演出聊八卦 扫我就对啦~ 回复“八卦”、“娱乐”:获取最新娱乐八卦消息 回复“演出”、“门票”:了解最新资讯 扫描左侧二维码,关注上海活动微信,更有免费演出门票等你来领取相关的主题文章: