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Just talking about a few love Michele Lee Chizha giants can still not long ago, a big news in Hongkong, is one of the super wealthy Zheng Yutong funeral. Hong Kong media to the Fuling list before the 3 words "8 Meng": CPPCC Vice Chairman Dong Jianhua, chief executive of Zhen Ying, director of the Liaison Office of Zhang Xiaoming Liang, Macao chief executive Cui Shian, and chairman Li Jiacheng, chairman Li Zhaoji, Heng Wan Ya jewelry chairman Xian Weijian, Liao Chuang Xing business director and chief executive Liao Liezhi. Concentrate Hongkong really wealthy and dignitaries. Mourners political and business celebrities numerous, among them, the most eye-catching is Michele Lee. Michele Lee hand father-in-law Xu Shixun, go with Mr. Julian. Although a plain black suit, but she was already 46 years old, no aliasing, skin white light, beautiful people cannot do without eyes, the crowd is very eye-catching. By contrast, it is with the attendance of old Joseph Lau, was suffering from kidney failure, diabetes, accompanied by 5 security guards and his girlfriend Gabby, on crutches, walking is very difficult, people are very thin. Jiuai new love with you, is full of giants, but with ease, still can not be in the side of beauty. This encounter and intersection, as if Michele Lee came to the scene, someone commented: "look at today’s Liu and Michele Lee, can not help but sigh very." The face of an ambitious man in 1970, Michele Lee was born in Macao, a very young age, parents divorced, her mother took her and her sister for a living. Because my father is Portuguese, had mixed ancestry Michele Lee looks very three-dimensional, facial contour clear, dashing eyebrows star dazzling beauty, God gave her the face, destined to match a different life. At the age of 18, Michele Lee won the title "miss Hongkong" and "Miss" and "Chinese International’s most photogenic award". The peak period of appearance, and play "energy-saving" dawn, now face a pile of second net slag. Beauty is not short of people around him, and in this period, Michele Lee and Joe on the good. Joe is Hongkong’s four largest talent – nikuang son, the city wit with women is very special, is art fan children. Michele Lee at that time in the beauty pageant, Joe is one of the judges, Michele Lee Joe saw the registration day. Ni Zhentai excited, and immediately called to say: "out of the most direct instinct, I want to tell you, you are very beautiful, I am very optimistic about you". Joe would later write a love letter to write poems, the success of Michele Lee hand. But the relationship ended up breaking up, because Michele Lee was too red. Click to play GIF 1933K Joe’s aunt Yi Shu, wrote a novel called "India ink", tells the story of pure enthusiasm of college students Chen Yujin fell in love with the poor Portuguese mulatto Liu Yinzi, but with the increase of fame finally broke the story. It is said that Joe is alluding to the affair with Michele Lee. Why the heroine in the book called Liu Yinzi, allegedly because of the shadow of businessman Joseph Lau, Liu, Liu. There is a Liu Yinzi appearance in the novel: "the girl has a small oval face, white skin, a pair of slender eyebrows like natural painted, her eyes shone coldly, but even in the corner of Chen Yujin see.相关的主题文章: