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Qianhu Miao village of the most dazzling woman – Sohu into the world’s largest tourist village – Xijiang Miao village, my eyes were a "beauty" and "passion" and "hold" the Miao women attracted to. Beautiful Qianhu Miao village, as the Miao women smart silver crown inlaid in the beautiful mountain Lu Leigong Mountain, handsome, gentle and lovely streams and ancient ethnic customs and the unique charm of Miao woman. Qianhu Miao village like a piece of screen embellishment in the depths of the ancient building dense clouds, like a pair of no border free smoke spilled ink Danqing under wear ink brick. Those wearing embroidered edging Miao clothing, wearing their shining clear silver Miao Miao women, their singing provocative songs Miao, took me to a once recover the original simplicity in the dream that I still did not stop the land of idyllic beauty, began a deep thought. I know this is Qianhu Miao village after numerous hardships after the sun gave a beautiful; is the vicissitudes of life after years of sharpening, a romantic gift; and women to wear on the body is a silent epic. Since ancient times, the Miao people can kuzhongzuole. Because in the new Chinese before Miao has been a driven migration of people, their ancestors had to choose a hillside in seclusion; they have other people don’t place or not to live. There are a bunch of eternal flame in the hearts of the Miao, the humiliation of obsession and noble failure still refused to lower the head; for thousands of years to condense into the blood geway and stubborn, the Miao people in countless times in the migration has created its own unique culture, brilliant own long history. No matter how hard can not erase the Miao people yearning for a better life for generations, especially the Miao women stubbornly clung to his heart that gorgeous, to show the world with his enchanting and beautiful, every Miao woman go to where beauty. Miao women "beauty" in the performance of outstanding performance. Although they use clothing fabrics, but is generally the cloth, or plaid, or dark blue green, but they will be in the cuffs, trousers, skirts embroidered with flowers have a unique style, then from head to foot wear on every kind of silver. The woman’s hair was combed every day old hair, but also used a camellia inserted in bun shaped flowers; even if they often have to do farm work, housework, but also never messy hair. Miao women show the nation’s long and profound culture. Miao women’s enthusiasm is more in their songs. The Miao people love to sing, everyone seems to have a gift, an opening on the closed cavity rhyme. In the village whether sooner or later can be heard all the wonderful songs, they sang a variety of sweet things at any time with happy songs. Miao women in the song always with a smile, smile, as in the gently singing. Every morning they are very busy, I saw a beautiful Miao A Mei and a team of team lady grace.相关的主题文章: