Next year offering sex robot social progress or moral decay wegener肉芽肿

Next year offering sex robot social progress or moral decay? The "western world" is a description of the future world theme park, rich people here pleasure, or wanton killing, and almost real objects are those AI. This TV is still popular among. But humanoid robots will soon be realized. Far Eastern manufacturing company that has now can create the appearance and human robot not much difference between, and the first commercial sex robot in next year will be available for sale. In addition, these sex robots also have the same reproductive organs as humans, but also according to the user’s preferences for dialogue. Allison, Kokoro imitation of the human robot modeled by University of Science & Technology China Chinese women produced, is the imitation of human robot exhibition in Tokyo International Robot Exhibition on the controversial sex robot by Abyss Creation research and development, the retail price of $15000 (12300 pounds). It is estimated that the robot will be popular in the United States, Japan and South Korea and other regions. Scientists have made robots that can walk, play football, or climb stairs. In addition, can also be used for artistic work, such as the flute. The main driving force for the production of sex robots is that adult sex toys are sold in the United States for up to $5000. At the same time, there are other techniques, such as a heating device that mimics the human body’s temperature, as well as a synthetic sound device that produces a sexy sound. We can think of the first generation of sex robot is the United States produced RealDolls, the price is very high, but realistic, but also very practical. In addition, it also has a lot of limitations, only a simple dialogue, only after the touch will have a simple vibration feedback. Since then, with the continuous renewal of technology and the development of available materials, sex robots will become more and more realistic. For example, an electronic sensor can be installed in the simulation skin, so that the robot can respond with the use of touch. And with the further development of artificial intelligence, sex robots can further grasp the skills of dialogue. Sex robot first by Abyss Creations 20 years ago began to carry out related research, and Abyss Creation has been a leader in this regard. Although the sex robot research time is not long, but it develops very quickly. The second International Conference on sex robots is held at GoldSmith University in london. The third session of the General Assembly held in Malaysia was originally planned, but the director of the Kuala Lumpur Police Department said the event ordered to stop the destructive to the morals. We can’t say that these sex robots are very cold, but the impact they have on society is really impressive. We can all personally feel that with the rapid development of the Internet, smart phones and social media, the relationship between people has changed dramatically. With the rapid development of the network technology, we can make many friends through the electronic screen..相关的主题文章: