What is Samsung IPhone 7 was the world’s first fried in 音羽かなで

What is Samsung? IPhone 7 was the world’s first in the big two fried if you talk about the mobile phone sector, it should be non Samsung and apple, the two rivals and friends in the years of competition for consumers is more and more high-end mobile phone, more advanced technology, while Samsung recent bombings is to give apple a a street away their chance. However, the recent exposure of foreign users and said his iPhone 7 explosion…… What happened? Melon people say that they are afraid to eat melon. Site exposure screenshot of the foreign users posted his iPhone 7 explosion photos, and joked that the phone running a little hot!". From the picture is indeed too horrible to look at the screen and body, completely isolated, even in the packing box specification also is fumed yellow, the users also said that "at least packing box without fire", below and reply quipped: apple is love of Samsung (explosion)! Just look at these we can not determine what is the cause of the mobile phone explosion, the subsequent progress of the event we will continue to follow the report.相关的主题文章: