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The first batch of six pilot banks will continue to complete the work of the issuance of non-performing ABS Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The Securities Times reporter Sun Lulu since this year to restart the securitization of non-performing assets (ABS) since the pilot, the first pilot of the 6 banks (ICBC, ABC, BOC, CCB, bank and China Merchants Bank) in succession will complete the first phase of bad ABS distribution, some banks have faster progress, starting second period, third period distribution. Securities Times reporter learned, ICBC announced "the yuan in 2016 the first phase of the NPL backed securities issued documents recently, and will complete the bookkeeping filing in September 23rd. So far, six banks in the first pilot, currently only the bank has not yet announced the first phase of adverse ABS issue documents. However, insiders told the Securities Times reporter said, the first bad ABS has been completed on the basis of point the day and await for it, the valuation of assets, stratification, rating and other core steps will be submitted to regulatory approval. Many industry insiders, the first phase of non-performing assets of the ABS based on the main public loans, diversification of the underlying asset types will be the main new attempt to follow the issue of bad ABS. ICBC issued 1 billion 80 million non-performing ABS ICBC issued a first phase of non-performing ABS material shows that the issue of the total amount of $1 billion 80 million. Compared with several other pilot lines of non-performing loans issued to the public ABS, the Bank of the first phase of bad ABS in the choice of underlying assets, credit and other aspects of the approach are more similar. Among them, the geographical distribution of the underlying assets, the Bank of the first phase of non-performing assets of ABS is mainly distributed in Zhejiang, Shandong, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other economically developed provinces. In fact, as early as before the bad ABS restart, the industry is generally expected to be the basis of the initial distribution of non-performing ABS assets in the eastern coastal areas to choose. The general manager of the integrity of the international structure financing department Li Yan said on Securities Times reporter, the overall environment of the eastern area is good, strong economic vitality, bad assets trading activity, is conducive to the recovery of non-performing assets. Compared with the normal type of loan asset securitization, the biggest difference is bad ABS, the underlying assets of the cash flow recovery uncertainty. Therefore, in order to increase the stability of non-performing assets cash flow recovery, the establishment of an independent issued by the ABS side into the pool of assets sufficient collateral, hierarchical structure, liquidity support mechanism and other means to ensure the securities (especially the priority of securities investment income). In addition, the loan quality of the underlying assets will also affect the recovery ratio of the asset pool. According to the five classification of loans, the inclusion of non-performing loans in turn include secondary, suspicious and loss. The higher the grade, the worse the quality of the assets, the greater the expected loss. In the current issue of bad ABS, the underlying assets are mostly secondary, suspicious loans based, in order to increase the recovery of underlying assets, reduce the risk of adverse ABS. According to statistics, the bank non-performing assets in ABS based substandard, doubtful loans outstanding principal balance of proportion相关的主题文章: