Small also originated in the Iberian Peninsula before 2000 swept the international market in Beijing 瀬名アスカ

Small also swept the international market – originated in the Iberian Peninsula before 2000 in Beijing, the Romans conquered the Iberian Peninsula, which is today in Spain and portugal. The Romans think here what is good, is the source of the water is not clean enough, then, the Rome army Wine, fruits, herbs, spices and saccharin, drink anything to the water to purify water, kill bacteria. But the earth people know that this can not play a role in the purification of water, however, the accident happened. It was found that the wine, fruit, spices mixed together, the modulation of the taste of the wine is very fresh and natural, and named it. Up to now, this wine has a history of more than 2000 years. In 1964, Sangria boarded the New York World Expo stage, immediately fame, let the Americans fell in love with this wine. It is the most attractive place is to be able to young people’s favorite wine and fruit flavor mixed together, and thus become an international popular, refreshing and refreshing fashion drinks. Sangria produced fast and easy to Wine, red juice, sugar, soda mix, can also add spirits. Now, little also came…… Now, the Changyu Wine of this popular Western young people welcome to China. The selection of Zhang Yu "Shuiguozhixiang" Yantai produces high quality apples, grapes and other fresh fruit, squeezing out the 100% pure fruit juice, added to the pure natural brewing Wine, plus the young love bubble, has become a new generation of young people’s exclusive beverage "small grape". Small also have natural brewing Wine, fresh sweet juice, low alcohol drink not easy drunk easily, bubble rich refreshing taste, and have apples, grapes and other fruit flavors, choose more diversified, suitable for the pursuit of fashion, health and life of young people and has all kinds of people drinking high alcohol drinking products. It’s not wine, it’s health…… Today, the rich nutritional value of fruit juice and Wine, has been widely recognized by consumers, many people have developed fruit juice and fruit Wine daily drinking habits. However, if the juice and wine together to drink it? Compared to single drink a glass of juice or Wine, the nutritional value of small grapes "is 1+1> 2: a small bottle of grapes, with double nutrition Wine and fruit, fruit contains rich vitamin and cellulose, and resveratrol, Wine in organic acid and other nutrients, let little also not only taste sweet and fresh, can relax, beauty is absolutely true, natural, nutrition and health drinks are. From the ancient formula of the Iberian Peninsula before 2000, plus a bottle of juice Wine, small also. 10 chilled drinking, taste better!相关的主题文章: