Singapore in the South China Sea issue has been in Japan 小坂めぐる

Singapore in the South China Sea has the Japan team Chinese fuel before President Chen Jiulin in the next 10~20 years, Chinese international status will further enhance the economic strength will be further enhanced. The Singapore can rely on China and inextricably linked, positive attitude, the relationship between the development of heart and China, a Chinese economic take-off ride, but it was the wrong choice to stand in the United States and Japan side, do anything to curb Chinese. Singapore in the South China Sea issue has been in Japan recently, Ambassador of Singapore announced that Singapore is a Sino US common circle of friends". The results of the survey conducted by the global network found that more than 90% Chinese users do not recognize this speech. It can be said that Chinese antipathy is not pro american Singapore in recent years Weakness lends wings to rumours., anti Chinese behavior, really hurt the feelings of the people of China. In July this year, the South China Sea issue, Singapore is the United States and the United States and China to act against another show. After the so-called South China Sea arbitration results released, Singapore has declared that it is not the voice of the disputed South China Sea, will not stand on either side of a dispute. On the face of it, Singapore seems to be neutral, but Singapore also claims that the ruling of the international tribunal of Hague has made a strong definition of sovereignty". It can be seen that, in fact, Singapore’s tendency is to stand on the side of the United States and japan. Not only that, since the so-called South China Sea arbitration since Singapore, even more than the Vietnam and Philippines parties more evolved. Today, the United States and Philippines parties are no longer talking about the South China Sea arbitration, Singapore and Japan is still in the not to mind taking the trouble to. At the ASEAN summit, Singapore and Japan will continue to promote the South China Sea written arbitration summit declaration documents, the Kampuchea, Laos and other countries opposed and rejected; not long ago the non aligned summit held in Venezuela, Singapore will once again require arbitration documents written in South China Sea, the result was opposed and Venezuela explicitly rejected the multinational. Singapore in continuous walls, began to fall for another on the South China Sea issue in Japan — a clown. The day before, Singapore Prime Minister Li Xianlong’s visit to Japan, claiming to deepen cooperation with Japan in the South China Sea issue. Like attracts like., Singapore finally found Birds of a feather flock together., like drawn to like partner. Many people may not understand why the Singapore Chinese population, accounting for up to 75%, but the state of Chinese is not friendly, even become the Anti China daring vanguard and pawn? The answer to this question includes many factors, such as history, politics, economic interests and so on. Historically, Singapore has a deep concern for China and the Chinese Communist party. Although early once on the Communist Party of Malaysia fortune, but Li Guangyao many times in his writings and speeches that he is a thoroughly anti communist. Although he also explained that he is not opposed to socialism, but against the "Lenin doctrine of centralization and organizational form", but this does not ease his concerns about China and the Chinese Communist party. Especially after the reform and opening up in Chinese continue to grow, is to let the traditional anti communist countries, for their own political stability is of great concern)相关的主题文章: