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The eighth Chinese Western Animation Festival opened in Chongqing (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, September 14 Chongqing Xinhua (reporter Liu Xianglin) Cosplay fabulous performances, wonderful cool hip-hop and realistic than the bucket lovely cartoon dolls…… 2016 of the eighth China Western Animation Festival opened in Chongqing on 14 may, from around the country and the United States, Japan, South Korea and other foreign animation industry group debut exhibition, bring the latest industry information and visual feast for mountain anime fans. As one of the three largest animation festival and Western cartoon theme exhibition, Chinese Western Animation Festival began upgrading from 2016, focusing on the scale, industry forum, enterprise influence, pan entertainment upgrade, will also create animation creative sports activities, Animation Forum, animation brand special equipment exhibition and other activities, from the previous pure Animation Exhibition upgrade for the national pan entertainment festival. Reporters saw at the exhibition site, fans dressed in all kinds of cartoon animation clothing, hand props, shuttle to different pavilions, or to the anime voice actors love to ask for a signature, or with the well-known Cosplay star group photo. Many kinds of cartoon props is Manmi reduction copy, at the scene outside of them, as if to enter the world of comics. This animation festival on the basis of maintaining the traditional project, with "Internet plus" and "public entrepreneurship, innovation" initiative, aimed at different audiences added multiple theme activities, such as creative enterprises (talent), around the Internet, software, digital publishing and electronic commerce industry, held in Chongqing the first Internet innovation culture section contains hit off the share of the general assembly, creating talent show and other sub activities. According to the introduction, this exhibition is held in addition to the previous anime forum, animation contest, animation products exhibition, animation talent exchanges and other activities, will also hold a dance contest, electronic games, Cosplay and other interactive activities, a total of seven themes 19 key activities will continue until the end of 17 days. Rich content and multi-level interaction to attract industry professionals, college students and the general public and other animation related persons to participate in the response, and for the people of the mountain city presented a wonderful cartoon feast.相关的主题文章: