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Well! The first day of Welcome FENDI "jelly jungle unicorn" Milan fashion week, Gucci felt the dream two yuan, Roberto Cavalli and Philipp Plein cool exotic heavy metals. Finally, FENDI big show all the people eagerly look forward to the beginning! FENDI in recent years in the rapidly changing fashion world is still fierce momentum, not only to retain the soul of the brand temperament, but also added a younger, modern elements. Each season brings surprises, let people address him enjoyable. The spring and summer of 2017 women’s series in the more than and 80 year old designer Lafayette Karl Lagerfeld’s men, injected more fresh blood. Stripes, sequins, silk, plastic materials, the Pegasus star on the lively dream pop hit color FENDI 2017 spring and summer series brought many means a "weird". [see] FENDI first look lively things lead by inspiration is never trouble before the show, is simple and clear, on the whole stable basis and pay attention to all details of the compact set. Can be seen from the Fendi invitation, naked color show card simple generosity, bronzing FENDI ROMA logo presents a low-key luxury beauty. From the first generation of the squirrel logo, concise and neat "double F" sign now and then to the addition of Roma also exhibited FENDI in the creative improvement. At the time of the birth of the brand 88 years, FENDI’s Logo to join the "ROMA" on behalf of the symbol of Rome treasure, the interpretation of the real soul of the brand. While the FENDI show and invited the card minimalist style perfectly, all white show arranged fresh and bright. Experience shows that if do show "spotless", the 80% is to leave room for "a riot of colours to pave the way for the design. Sure enough, sneaked into the show before the background, the models are carefully prepared in the look of the show. Immediately catch a mouthful of sequins "disco monster poisoning. In addition to the models’ face is on the shelf "thinking of Pearl" funny sunglasses, sharp eyes and head size of the horse dinosaur color rivet, people like being "dream unicorn" jungle dreams. "The unicorn strayed into the jungle" girl found a familiar — recently because of "pure thought in July and still" fire wearing a horse 2016 winter series velvet embroidery skirt. No makeup, but black hair and grunt eyes is full of charming aura than the Unicorn also. These details are [help] pink girl heart 2017FENDI fashion series used in leather, decals and other elements, is different, the biggest highlight of this year: the jelly color rivet element. The combination of leather and jelly color rivets, careful stitching, the exquisite details of the world are injected into this series. FENDI handmade clothing also show high style, the girl in pink and tender luxurious Satin ready. In recent years, the hot elements flounce into, through a somewhat more heart of girl. Show FENDI ultimate hand embroidered details will appear. And the best of fashion.相关的主题文章: