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Canadian overseas Chinese entrepreneurs do VR LONG VR2 years after the launch of the first product LONG VR was the first significant head products of Sina Technology News September 27th morning news, LONG VR recently officially launched the first VR LONG VR S2 the first significant product, the product will be mainly to solve the VR head products prone to dizziness, in addition to the collocation of mobile phone use, but also provide thousands of VR content App. LONG VR was founded in June 2014, is the founder of Canada went overseas, there have been previous entrepreneurial experience in Boston and MIT, and VR as investors in the field of thermal wave technology and demonstration network. This from investors to entrepreneurs, as said: I hope this venture can in a market is very large, and cutting-edge technology in the field of consumer market. He believes that the direction of the development of VR AR in 10 years will gradually become the next generation of Computing Center platform. For the first flagship "halo" head, went to explain the principle said: "we have analyzed 4 factors will lead the user to the hardware and software of vertigo, lens presentation, content, and performance of mobile phone. In addition to the performance of the phone is not controllable, such as CPU or gyro refresh rate of each model phone is not the same, the other three points are controllable." Then on this basis, a further attempt and the team went: "first we chose not to do a full immersion of the software interface, many low-end machines, the gyroscope refresh rate can not keep up, which leads to the interaction with the head control time will be delayed cause dizziness, while the screen will appear to drift state user interaction in time, relatively low efficiency, so that the eyes will be more tired, these are easy to make people feel dizzy. Another reason why not do interface immersion is because of the need to use Unity software technology, is run as a VR game in the mobile phone, the performance of CPU consumption is very large, mobile phone 5 minutes will be hot, the performance of the mobile phone gradually increased almost delay, also a sense of vertigo APP will increase; the package size from 10 megabytes to 60 megabytes or more. When the homogeneous products are chosen to pursue the sense of immersion, which means the audience that they face must be high-end mobile phone users, the audience and our software products are facing the high-end mobile phone users". In addition, in terms of content, LONG VR said that some of the screening, some of the screen switching speed is particularly fast content will be filtered out. In the lens, the lens will selectively reduce the FOV perspective to 75, thereby reducing the sense of vertigo. About that has already received more than 3 thousand cases of evaluation, within 400 degrees of myopia are not have obvious sense of vertigo. LONG VR also said that since its founding has already completed a round of seed and angel round of financing million level, the investor has a new version of the three listed companies of Au cloud yiruan, angel investor Yang Ning, micro finance fund early Internet seed fund, and capital Shi wo. Founder Zhou also revealed that a new round of financing is already in progress. (Li Gen)相关的主题文章: