48 new sites will be unveiled in October, nearly 7 Chengdu is small Huxing-demonophobia

48 new sites will debut in October 7 in Chengdu is the silver silver large-sized apartment coming in October, the city will continue to push the new large-sized apartment, but the family just need 48 new sites, is expected to debut in October, launched nearly 7 large-sized apartment. According to statistics, as of September 21, 2016 October 2016, the Tianjin housing market a total of 48 projects is expected to open, the opening number decreased 15.79%, an increase of 26.32%. Among the six districts of the city a total of 10 projects is expected to open, accounted for 20.83%; 16 projects in four districts around the city is expected to open, accounted for 33.33%; the Binhai New Area is expected to open in 8, accounting for 16.67%; the outer suburbs is expected to open in 14, accounting for 29.71%. The new disc reached a total of 13, accounting for 27.08% of the total is expected to open, whether it is a new opening, or push the project, two square metres of the 80-90 room is the main apartment layout, incomplete statistics, the large-sized apartment total nearly 7. From the opening number of the contrast can be seen, the project is expected to open in October 2016, four the number of regions only four districts around an mom showed a rising trend, and the urban and suburban Binhai, the chain has decreased slightly. Silver in October, around 16 is expected to grab one of Beichen, Xiqing City, the two most popular areas on peatlands, to push the new hot plate, for home buyers to provide more choices.

48个新盘即将亮相银十月 近7成都是小户型   银10月即将到来,市区小户型将接连推新,示好刚需族,预计10月即将亮相的48个新盘中,近7成推出小户型。   据统计,截至2016年9月21日,2016年10月天津住宅市场共有48个项目预计开盘,开盘数量环比下降15.79%,同比增加26.32%。其中市内六区共计10个项目预计开盘,占比20.83%;环城四区16个项目预计开盘,占比33.33%;滨海新区预计开盘8个,占比16.67%;远郊区县预计开盘14个,占比29.71%。全新盘总量达13个,占预计开盘总量的27.08%,无论是全新开盘,还是加推项目,80-90平方米的两室是主力户型,不完全统计,此类小户型占总量的近7成。   从各区开盘项目数对比可以看出,2016年10月预计开盘项目中,四大区域仅环城四区数量同比、环比均呈上涨走势,而市区、滨海、远郊环比均有微降。银10月,环城预计16盘抢市,其中北辰、西青两大热门区域集中放量,热盘乘势推新,将为购房者置业提供更多选择。相关的主题文章: