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Looking for a mobile app developer? There are several across the world. Some of them are fresh into the market and others have several years of experience at hand. How do you know which application developer is the best for you? Among the many app developers, you pick up one of the best developers so that you can build and distribute mobile apps easily, without having to concentrate on details which, should ideally be taken care of by the mobile app developers. Hiring A Mobile App Developer Let us use an example here. Suppose you need social networking app developers as you want an app on Facebook that can auto-reply to all the users who like your business page. What all points should you consider before actually hiring an application developer for the job? Here is a checklist: 1. Knowledge Does the team have enough knowledge of the market? Knowledge of processes involved in systems design in essential for application developer to see through the future based on past. This helps the app developers to build mobile applications that can stay in market for a long time. In the above example, the knowledge would be of things Facebook is capable of doing and of Facebook APIs. 2. Experience The more the better. You can expect that the team handling your mobile application development has already learned a lot by their endeavors in the past. This does not mean that a new entrant into the market should not be hired. However, the question is whether the person/team can give you what you want and that trait is visible when you are working with experienced teams. .ing back to the example, does the mobile app developer actually use Facebook, for how long and how many mobile apps has the developer already created that use Facebook API. 3. Vision This may sound odd as the aim of many is to earn money .e what may. While we cannot deny the fact that people need to earn, it is also necessary to see beyond monetization. What else would mobile app developers want? Name, fame, reputation in the market? If yes, you can count on them as they would go to any extent for retaining and enhancing their reputation and goodwill. In case of our example, is the developer aware of social reputation? If not, how can you entrust yours with the person/team? 4. Offer After considering the above three factors, you need to contact the shortlisted mobile application developer(s). Ask them why you should hire them as there are many others claim to provide the same service at lower costs. Ask them how they approach to solve your problem, what are the benchmarks, what kind of post app development support they provide and other question you deem fit. In case of our example social networking app developers you may ask them how they plan to use Facebook API to reply to each and every message sent to you, what would be the delay among different responses and how would the app develop text for replying to the queries. What kind of after sales they would provide? 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