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UnCategorized I’m sure you’ve seen and heard it all before. ‘The Internet is the biggest money making opportunity around. A home Internet business will make you super rich’. . . blah blah blah. And there’s almost an infinite number of websites telling you about their system or opportunity and how it’s the next biggest online venture. And they might be right but. . . . . .Who should you believe? Who can you trust? These are two very important questions with difficult answers. These days websites can be made to look and feel very professional and personal. There isn’t a quick 100% foolproof way to tell the genuine offers from the scams. Although I’ve found that there are 3 very simple steps you should take if you want an indication of how genuine any particular website’s opportunity is. Now the most critical piece of advice that I can offer you is that you should only pursue one opportunity at a time. If you focus your time and resources on one venture then you are much more likely to get the best results i.e. in.e. So do not get distracted with other ventures once you have chosen one to pursue no matter how attractive a new offer looks! This is the number one reason why Internet Entrepreneurs fail to make any significant in.e online. So here are the 3 simple steps to evaluate any online opportunity: 1. Read the entire website – you will be amazed at how much information is hidden or dumped on pages other than the main one so take your time and browse around. After reading the website ask yourself which venture made the most sense and not which one appealed to you the most. 2. Email them with your questions – if they respond in a reasonable timeframe with a personal answer then you know it’s not just a bunch of automated messages being thrown at you. Although you may find it difficult to find a way of contacting someone as some sites do not give any contact information or even a web form. If that’s the case then do I really need to say anymore? 3. Always opt-in – if the site offers a free report, newsletter or simply asks you for your email address to access the full website you should give it. This way you will get more information about the opportunity on offer. Unless you do this it is difficult to make an informed decision about the offer. If you decide not to pursue a particular venture it is very easy to unsubscribe your email address after. Once you’ve .plete these 3 easy steps you are in an excellent position to make an informed decision about any online opportunity. Over the last few years alone I’ve browsed literally hundreds of websites offering their system of success and I think I’ve be.e a pretty good judge at telling the difference between the good, the bad and the scam! But if you don’t share my level of confidence about your ability to select a genuine online opportunity then simply use these 3 steps. They are a very worth while time investment that many entrepreneurs miss out because they jump at the first opportunity that is thrown in front of them, and guess what, they’ve been had. The reason for this is that today most ventures are very good at persuading you that you are guaranteed to make a really significant in.e for a tiny investment. Don’t let the minority of scams out there dissuade you from pursuing many great online business opportunities which are genuine and lucrative. Just make sure you stay objective by using my 3 simple steps to help you reach a decision. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: