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2 men staged "helicopter" really real slip female propaganda Wang Wei entertainment Sohu monitor   "2" real men staged helicopter is slipping Sohu entertainment news in last week’s broadcast of the "real" program in 2 male stars, brave the challenge, the successful completion of the downhill training simulator. Below, we will carry out real helicopter." And at the end of the program, Liu Jinyi captain’s words, but just let the breath of guests once again nervous tight up, but also let the audience on this week’s program is more full of expectations. What guests for high strength and high difficulty of training one after another is able to stand? 44 degrees high temperature weather, in the helicopter from the ground in the process of sliding they will encounter what challenges? A series of questions will be announced in this week’s program. The helicopter is slipping in the process, the female class is verse frequent. Boarded the plane, Yang Mi will ridicule squad leader Wang Wei: monitor you can not drag our legs." Let us see the power of the big challenge, a strong and fearless character, but also to see her cute side. Sit on the helicopter, women of confidence, Wang Wei wanted to drop down to protect the monitor of the women, but the female class cabin comforted Wang Wei monitor: "monitor, let us protect you." The men and women soldiers PK success or failure is related to whether the squad leader to accompany their next camp trip, a class two class who will win, the success of the guardian of their monitor? Many doubts to let the program suspense. Although the success of simulation machine test slide test, but on the real helicopter engine downhill, is still a huge challenge. The soldier was also appointed monitor first real slip, Liyan Tong was the first successful challenge, after falling but the wind swept, excited roll; and Shen Mengchen said, is captain Liu encouraged to give her confidence; even to the feet of his courage and determination, as a monitor for their escort. But the sliding process still surprises. What happened, so that Wang Wei squad feel their encouragement is superfluous? Liyan Tong, Shen Mengchen after falling down again and again? Why did Yang Mi slide after his own special effects? This week’s show, the suspense will be announced one by one. If the first two programs, the recruits still on camp life understanding and adaptation process, then from this week’s program begins, the new recruits will be launched the live ammunition test, face guard monitor the glory of war. The show will be even more smoky, full of gunpowder. Men and women who can successfully guard the squad leader, the final victory? In November 4 Japan 20:20 Friday night, Hunan satellite TV "real man" in season second air force, let us wait and see?!相关的主题文章: