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Father and son because of the parking dispute with the neighbor neighbor bite finger force father Beijing, the original title: stop quarrel and fight bite finger neighbor Beijing morning news (reporter Huang Xiaoyu) because the parking conflict, two neighbors started to panic, Mr. Wang mouth towards the side finger biting down. Mr. Liu to physical harm on the grounds of Mr. Wang to court, claims for medical expenses, mental damages totaling more than 3.8 yuan. The day before the Haidian court heard the case, Mr. Wang bear 70%. Liu claimed that in June 6, 2014, Wang son of Mr. Wang’s quarrel with his father in the parking area downstairs, Mr. Wang and his abusive father and son two people. When Mr. Liu arrived at the theory, Mr. Wang will bite his left index finger, and wounded his head with stones. After the alarm, Mr. Liu went to the No.3 Hospital of Beijing University, Jishuitan Hospital emergency department, after repeated transfusion, trauma and inoculation of rabies vaccine, injury gradually stabilized. Identified by the Haidian Public Security Bureau as a minor injury, Mr. Wang was sentenced to 5 days of detention detention. Liu said, because the injured two months failed to go to work, causing great inconvenience to the life and difficulties, the prosecution claims Mr. Wang is related to the loss. Mr. Wang argued that his son Wang parking at night, Liu’s father said the car was shaking. Mr. Wang downstairs, Mr. Liu called on the mouth, also hit him in the face with a broom, so he was from the ground picked up a stone and threw it. During the dispute, Mr. Liu also pinched his neck, so that he could hardly breathe, so bite his left index finger, his behavior is justifiable defense. Haidian court held that, according to the administrative penalty decision can be identified, Mr. Wang led to the occurrence of damage, so it should bear some liability. At the same time, according to Mr. Liu’s readme can be presumed that the two parties exist fault. In addition, Mr. Liu submitted surgical records, diagnosis certificate and certificate, the show after the incident the injury only left index finger skin laceration, but said in a statement of their own existence, head trauma left index finger was bitten on the left arm, scratches and other multiple injuries, so it can be presumed to exist for the police Liu statements with the actual situation of entry. Combined with the specific circumstances of the case and the above analysis, the court held that Mr. Liu should bear 30% of the responsibility, Mr. Wang should bear the responsibility of 70%. Finally, the court Wang Liu compensation for medical expenses and transportation expenses, lost fees of more than 7300 yuan.相关的主题文章:

The nurse leaked the patient’s privacy to the social group rainism

The patients with gynecological examination to private photos leaked social group of "discussion" original title: a nurse in patients with gynecological examination of Nanjiang leaked private photos to WeChat group "discussion" Sichuan online Bazhong news (reporter Zhu Rongjie) "can hear the visible attitude". Recently, an article entitled "Yue Nanjiang MCH should nurse patient privacy complaints" everywhere announced net posts in the "politics of Sichuan release caused a great disturbance, a patient’s private photos by a nurse to WeChat group, which was suffering from conditions" ridicule "by netizens, accused of violations of privacy, no occupation morality. "What kind of nurse do you recruit, can you be a bit of a character?" On September 22nd, at 7:55 in the morning, an anonymous netizen in "asked the president of Sichuan government issued a" propaganda Nanjiang Health Hospital, the hospital nurses occupation moral questions. What the hell is going on? Originally, Nanjiang Maternal and Child Health-Care Hospital, a nurse examination of gynecological patients when shooting private photos sent to the WeChat group and others "discussion", netizens questioned violations of the privacy of others, no occupation morality. The net posts in a few complaints WeChat attach chats screenshot shows, a family of three children of middle-aged women are doing gynecological ultrasound pictures sent to the group, displaying the woman suffering from gynecological diseases. "How disgusting"…… A group of time, a variety of voices. It is because of this a few screenshots WeChat caused users dissatisfaction, said the nurse should do the right thing, but not to infringe the privacy of others, said after not to the hospital for gynecological examination, hope that the hospital is responsible for making a reasonable answer. It is understood that the Nanjiang Maternal and Child Health-Care Hospital is a public hospital, every nurse recruits will conduct a rigorous pre service training, protect the privacy of the patient, abide by the occupation morality is the first lesson of training. Why is there any patient privacy was leaked? In this regard, Sichuan online reporter a telephone interview with the Nanjiang Maternal and Child Health-Care Hospital, according to the hospital discipline inspection team leader Liao Qi introduced this year, June 27th, on the net posts and complaints WeChat group chats screenshot was first released to the local forum, then broke Nanjiang Maternal and Child Health-Care Hospital nurses for investigation was informed that the hospital is a pediatric nurse to obstetrics and gynecology on gang when a patient in the gynecological examination, after the photo shoot oiwn micro business WeChat group. According to Liao Qi introduction, the parties are a more than and 20 year old young people, in 2014, the hospital recruitment. After the incident, when made in the General Assembly on public review, a fine of 500 yuan penalty hospital, because of the pressure of public opinion, to resign from the hospital in August. Editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章:

Fit vs dazzle — what are the same size as the automobile Sohu – A0 car gap quickchm

Fit VS dazzle — what are the Sohu in the domestic automotive has been popular for a long period of time A0 class car with a large size A0 class car gap, especially when the four eye POLO sell is absolutely hot, while the Yaris is flying and driving to a popular. Time passed quickly, and now the domestic car consumption concept has changed a lot, the pursuit of configuration into the pursuit of space. In the last paragraph when flying with big space, low price to win a lot of praise. But as the upgrading of Hyun Yaris, but also compensate for the lack of the original old Yaris space problem. Recently, the two models have ushered in a small change, so that the two cars also returned to the same run line. The choice of models are two versions of the relative take the amount of two cars, respectively fit 2016 CVT comfortable version of the skylight and dazzle 2016 CVT megacool version 1.5. The appearance of this paragraph really fit in appearance is not much different from what. Family front face is still Honda’s small car, side of the line did not change. Only on the side of the taillights from the original monochrome black stripes into all black lines. The roof of the antenna position has also changed, the old section of the low profile models are in front of the roof of the car, the original full of a remote control car both sense. Now it’s all in the back into a shark fin antenna. The dazzle appearance in the front part of the change is great, I love the original super mustache in the same beard with catfish. The headlights made some of the changes in the corner line place, make it more in line with the new face of moustache. As for the good looks really bad to say, in particular, the current TOYOTA’s aesthetic is sometimes like drunk. The side of the body or the same did not change, the higher ground clearance so that it has a small SUV feel. Fortunately, however, the design of the suspension roof is still retained. The most obvious change in the rear end of the taillights style, the original transparent color of the turning light into all red brake lights. Turn the lights to the middle area of the taillights. Exterior configuration two car configuration in the appearance of the real is not much difference. The headlights are H4 bulb halogen headlights, and were equipped with front fog lamp function. Only dazzle in the headlights with LED daytime driving lights. While the rear is only fit to dazzle after more than reversing radar. But this time Honda seize the domestic consumer’s heart, launched with the lowest version of the skylight in the roof, so the position fit to dazzle one more than the small size of the skylight. There is a saying that good, there is no better than no bar! The two car is exactly the same as in the tire specifications, 18560 R15 are equipped with iron wheels, but fit in the Yokohama tire brand still slightly better than the Kumho dazzle. Interior changes of interior space fit mainly focus on several points, with the original model was equipped with the "blue dashboard" in the CVT version of the skylight on the comfortable change to the standard. In terms of readability and functionality than the orange dashboard a lot better. There is also a change is possible because in the front roof to join, front reading lights turn to standard!相关的主题文章:

Changan Ford drive Mondeo car image grade www.1234567.com

Changan Ford drive Mondeo car grade image of Phoenix car – the first test 3 years ago, the Ford brand in the true sense of the "global intermediate car" — the new Mondeo officially launched a new car with a royal car resembles Aston · Martin grille, soon in the domestic car market whipped up a small youth the storm. But with the domestic intermediate car market more and more powerful competitors, as well as the aesthetic fatigue of consumers, the new Mondeo gradually faded aura. Objectively speaking, in the face of competitors to complete the upgrading work impact, want to continue to maintain competitiveness in this market segment, it will also need to change the mondeo. The day before, the 2017 Ford new Mondeo media drive will be officially held in Mount Emei scenic beautiful Sichuan city of Leshan Province, Phoenix car is also the first time in detail on the new car test drive experience. Ushered in the development trend of Chi Chi Qing, Zhaopin, intelligent in the automotive industry, the 2017 Ford new Mondeo can meet the modern consumer demands Car Buying, establish a new benchmark for mid size car market again? Summary: take a look at the current domestic car market consumption patterns, consumers in the purchase of vehicles is not as cheap as the previous car as the dominant. In recent years, the rapid expansion of the market to the compact level, the first to bear the brunt of the outbreak of the SUV market, such as blowout. But with the pursuit of quality has increasingly become another major factor affecting consumer Car Buying after a set of modeling dynamic fashion, spacious and comfortable space, rich configuration intelligent and other advantages of the joint venture brand car has gradually become more and more home users Car Buying preferred. 2017 Ford new Mondeo in the continuation of the iconic Ford family design language at the same time, with the more fashionable appearance, as well as the upgraded interior design and configuration, more noble and humane life vehicles for consumers. And as in the intelligent network era launched models, the new Mondeo through continuous optimization in three aspects, Zhaopin, Zhi Qing Zhi, equipped with more efficient assembly technology and configuration is more abundant, to bring a more comfortable and convenient driving experience for users. From the product perspective, the new Mondeo has gained sales success conditions. Of course, about 2017 new Mondeo now another puzzle has not been solved, is the price. It is reported that the new car will be officially opened on November 18th at the opening of the Guangzhou motor show, what is the price of the new car, Phoenix will also bring a timely broadcast for users, please look forward to!相关的主题文章:

Sichuan women trafficked to Shandong Jiaozhou after 28 years is still the black – in the new network www.youjizz.com/

Sichuan women trafficked to Shandong Jiaozhou after 28 years is still the "black" – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on September 12th news Chinese according to the voice of "peak Evening News" reported that the mention of the word abducted, anger, sympathy and various mood might come to our mind, and for the abducted sellers over time. Over time, more consideration is how to compromise may survive. Sichuan woman Cai Guanlan trafficked to Qingdao in Jiaozhou for 28 years, suffered the greatest distress is now her own no account. Because there is no account, Cai Guanlan does not enjoy the medical cooperation policy, go to the hospital without an ID card is not a doctor, her husband Li Fangyuan said, the son also miss the soldier opportunity: 60 year old Li Fangyuan Jiaozhou Jiaolai town Cao Ge Zhuang people, 49 year old Cai Guanlan from distant Sichuan, this kind of trouble with Cai Guanlan 28 years ago that rough and twists and turns of the relevant experience. That year, 21 year old Cai Guanlan to go to the market, because the stranger handed me drink a bowl of sweet water, unexpectedly sleepwalk cheated on the train. Found himself being abducted, Cai Guanlan several times to escape, or even commit suicide, but without success, who after many, she will be sold to the Jiao Lai Zhen Cao Ge Zhuang, ran a few times have been arrested, and beaten, Cai Guanlan scared, finally here. That year, Li Fang in thirty, because the poor at home has not marry a wife. The old mother put all sorts of things together, spent 5000 dollars, Cai Guanlan bought from the hands of the traffickers. At first, because the language, habits and other aspects of the differences, the couple often quarrel. Two years later, Cai Guanlan gave birth to a boy. At this time, the Shandong Yanzhou police according to human trafficking cases, looking over, we can help her to find his family, but Cai Guanlan was reluctant to leave the baby in the child, the family gave up looking for the best opportunity. As in the past more than and 20 years, the son grew up, life is getting better and better, the family had also had the real car. Today, Cai Guanlan has nearly fifty years, but no account, bring a lot of inconvenience, her greatest wish is not only settled, want to know, in Sichuan mountain in the family? Cai Guanlan recalls, his hometown in Sichuan Daping mountains, father Cai Shunyin, mother is called Chen Tianhui, two sisters and two brothers at home. She can’t read, her family and her name can’t write, there’s no phone at home." Reporters after the inquiry found that there is a village near Chengdu Dayi County fog Shan, reporters call the director of the village, the village director said hill there is village, but no one family surnamed Cai, nor the name of Cai Shunyin. The reporter also contacted several other Sichuan also called Daping Township, but have no clue. No family information, Cai Guanlan account can not handle it? The reporter found Jiaozhou Madian station. Police said Cai Guanlan is likely to be abducted after many arrived in Jiaozhou, in the past a long time, and the people died of CAI Guanlan two ", later to find a." Police said, 3 years ago Madian station began to think of ways to help Cai Guanlan find the domicile, but traced to Yanzhou line"相关的主题文章: