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How does the child grow ache to do? – the growth phase of the Sohu is very critical for children and mothers, I believe that parents are very important for the growth of children. Each child will experience some more or less difficult for humanitarian suffering. As parents look in the eyes of pain in the heart. In the long period of time in the body of the child, sometimes, the child complained of leg pain, go to the hospital after examination and no problem, this is exactly how to go? In fact, this may be the child’s growth and pain in time. Growing pain is a child growing up in the process will be a thing. For the child growing pain, mom and dad to how to deal with it? What is the growth of pain? It is normal for children aged 3-5 years and 8-12 years old to have occasional pain and sharp pain. A lot of children in the process of growing up always feel leg pain, especially in the front and rear thigh muscles, knee and calf. Usually the pain occurs during the first few hours of sleep in the afternoon, evening or night. In the morning, I don’t feel any pain. Sometimes the pain may be relatively mild, the child does not have any feeling, sometimes the pain will be very strong, it will wake up the child pain. Some children may feel abdominal pain or headache when they feel pain. Sometimes even affect the child’s sleep, the child is a very painful thing. Growing pains, just from the point of view of the name may make us misunderstand. There is no evidence that the pain is due to the length of the bone in the study. Medical experts are unable to explain why the child will grow up in the process of these pain. But medical experts find that it seems more likely that children will feel pain after strenuous exercise. However, this pain is not to say that the child did something wrong or slow down a little. It’s normal and healthy for a child to feel pain. In fact, 25%~40% children feel pain at some stage during their growing up. At the same time, girls are more likely to experience this pain than boys. How can I tell if it’s growing pain or other pain? This is not a very good area. Sometimes the child’s situation is very serious, but mom and dad will think it is a growing pain. Therefore, if the child suddenly felt severe pain, the parents had better take the child to the hospital to check. Usually, growth pain lasts 10-15 minutes, and both sides of the body often feel the pain, the pain is almost (occasionally appear in different time). The pain is usually in the muscles, not the joints. Growing pains are alone feeling, and will not cause a cold, cold, redness, weakness or joint pain. During the examination, the doctor will usually look at other places that can cause pain to diagnose whether it is a growing pain. Some of these symptoms represent a more serious condition, such as infection, fractures, cancer, leukemia, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis or other joint problems. 1, pain occurs at a specific point. Doctors may arrange for a child to have a bone scan to see if there is a bone infection or fracture. take相关的主题文章:

Iphone7 innovation or domestic suppliers have been difficult to meet the orders on the ceiling-e3300

IPhone7 innovation or domestic suppliers have been met with orders on the order of iPhone7 innovation is difficult to meet the ceiling? Domestic suppliers are not optimistic about the order each reporter Meng Qingjian early in the morning of September 8th, the iPhone7 conference is still in the global consumer expectation in. After experiencing rapid growth in the past 5 years, and the supply chain innovation dividend apple looks exhausted, need a product to make consumers believe it still represents the direction of innovation, and boost the decline in market share, but whether it is innovation or external environment, iPhone7 may be difficult to bear this responsibility. The new iPhone 3.5mm cancelled traditional headset interface, use double camera and A10 processor, and cancel the fuselage waterproof and dustproof mechanical home key and many other changes, Apple executives said, Apple will be moving in a wireless future development, but compared with iPhone4 and iPhone6, iPhone7 are still being questioned the lack of innovation. Not only the industry observers continue to be optimistic about the suppliers of new Apple’s orders can also continue to worry about. Shenzhen, an apple mobile phone core vendor executives to accept the daily economic news reporter, said: from product design projections, new products may not be more optimistic than iPhone6S." Innovation refers to the ceiling encountered in accordance with the previous iPhone big update two years, a small update of the release rhythm, the market is full of expectations for iPhone7. But a new generation of iPhone from either the processor or camera, waterproof and dustproof design on the outside, few people think this is a fresh sense of the machine, and feel more innovation is mainly reflected in the cumulative innovation continuity, rather than from 0 to 1 breakthrough. Sun Yanbiao, President of the first mobile phone industry research institute analysis, iPhone7 conference once again exposed the Apple hardware, software innovation is experiencing the ceiling. IP67 waterproof technology is a relatively old technology, a few years ago Chinese era feature phone already exists, can be solved within 1 meters 30 minutes of waterproof, but not the real solution to the waterproof…… Two cameras are used only in the iPhone7 plus, but not with iPhone7, see that Apple does not solve the small size iPhone7 is equipped with power consumption and structural adjustment problems brought by using dual camera, the camera is more like apple in the mobile phone brand is China led. Cook took the length of time the processor performance, but in fact, the intelligent mobile phone to enter the era of excess performance, iPhone6 configuration is sufficient to meet the current consumption of mobile phone application, iPhone7 than the iPhone6s speed is also very difficult to feel." By faster release rhythm and small step run innovative applications, local brands continue to erode the apple market. The apple is strictly design deficiencies caused by continuously introducing some attractive new features: for example of fancier dual cameras, OLED curved screen and fast charging. At the same time, China’s product theory相关的主题文章:

Jiangsu comprehensive reform of the college entrance examination time to postpone a year 2018

Jiangsu comprehensive reform of college entrance examination time delayed a year 2018 freshmen opened a new scheme of the newspaper news (reporter Qian Hongyan) Jiangsu "13th Five-Year" education development plan released yesterday. On the social concern "the reform of the college entrance examination, the provincial education department director Shen Jian said that the comprehensive reform of a new round of college entrance examination in our province will be completed before the end of June 2018 report to the Ministry of education to the society. Yesterday’s meeting, the concern of the college entrance examination has become the focus of the conference, Shen Jian introduction, our province will deepen the reform of the examination enrollment system, the steady implementation of Jiangsu college entrance exams reform program, improve the high school proficiency exam and comprehensive quality evaluation system, the implementation of comprehensive evaluation of college entrance test scores and high school level multi enrollment system based on. The new college entrance examination program will be opened from the fall of 2018 enrollment of freshmen, in 2021 the official implementation of the college entrance examination. Earlier, there is news that the province’s new college entrance examination program will be opened from the fall of 2017, a high school freshmen, the meeting clearly, in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of education, Jiangsu college entrance examination to start a comprehensive reform of the time delayed one year. "We are very concerned about the pilot provinces and cities included in the national college entrance examination reform advance, such as Shanghai, Zhejiang, at the same time, improve the Jiangsu conscientiously sum up the current examination enrollment system, actively promote the relevant work." Shen Jian said. In addition to promote the reform of college entrance examination system, "13th Five-Year" period in our province will accelerate the occupation education. Provincial Department of education occupation education director Liu Keyong said, like Germany, Finland, Switzerland and other European countries, to the occupation school graduates accounted for 70% to 80%, at present, our province is about half and half. The South of Jiangsu ordinary senior high schools and secondary occupation school students about each accounted for 50% of the Soviet Union in the region to secondary vocational school students accounted for about 44%, Jiangsu is 43%. "This shows that the more economically developed areas, the higher the proportion of high school structure, so that the basic education can not be developed, to reduce the proportion of secondary vocational education." According to the "planning", the province will optimize the layout of secondary vocational education, in 2020 to build 100 modern demonstration secondary vocational schools, the quality of secondary vocational schools in the characteristics of the 50. The province will promote the classification of higher vocational colleges admission examination and enrollment, the implementation of the general undergraduate colleges and vocational colleges classification test, classification of enrollment, the implementation of cultural quality + occupation skill "in Higher Vocational Colleges Admissions evaluation methods, to 2017, the classification exam vocational colleges admission to become the main channel, to 2018, initially built Jiangsu characteristics of the occupation education examination and enrollment system. In addition, for pre-school education, the province will implement the second phase of pre-school education action plan for the year five, new, expansion or expansion of about 1000 kindergartens, in order to alleviate the pressure brought about by fertility policy adjustments.相关的主题文章:

Dialogue Yang Yuanqing Lenovo Mobile phone boutique route is certainly true – Sohu Technology-pp点点通2006

Yang Yuanqing dialogue: Lenovo Mobile Phone walking the fine line is certainly true – Sohu technology Sohu science and technology news in September 6th, Lenovo launched its modular mobile phone Moto Z, at the Beijing conference, Lenovo Group Chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing and Motorola Chinese product director of operations peak accept media interviews, science and technology Sohu. Yang Yuanqing said that the failure of Moto in the transformation of smart phones, so that Moto lost in Europe, China’s market, Lenovo will take a long time to bring back to the peak Moto. He is also on the Moto mobile phone module and proposes three strict requirements: mobile phone itself is the flagship, connection is smooth and stable, and the hot swappable module is fine. For lenovo mobile phone in the future Chinese market strategy, Yang Yuanqing said, must adhere to technical products and brands "walking on two legs", Lenovo still has a strong background in technology, mobile phone fine line strategy is correct, in time of lenovo mobile phone will usher in a renaissance in the Chinese market. Here are the main points of the media Q & A: Q: because there are a lot of brands around the world when it’s fading, it’s hard to get up again. Moto has declined, how to make it up to the height of the year? Yang Yuanqing: if we don’t have the confidence, we won’t make that decision. Because the company’s heritage and culture in this place, even for two times will not change. Moto was just because of strategic mistakes, such as the function of the phone to the smart phone this slow. But in some technical aspects, such as the voice of the technical language, only the old communications companies can do. Lenovo mobile phone in China, in other emerging markets overseas have done well. We feel that we have to fight to the developed countries, the United States or other markets we are not lack of technology and products, the lack of a brand and patent. Patents in particular, have been troubling us for a long time. If there is no Moto, Lenovo needs to pay a lot of third parties to pay royalties of $25%, after buying Moto only need to pay less than 10%. Q: users do not have to know your phone is not good, how to do? At the same time, how can let Moto keep up with the rhythm? Yang Yuanqing: are both products and brand, Apple’s success lies in the two complement each other, so we must walk on two legs, technology and brand building products. First, it is necessary to spend money to do the brand itself, the two is to through market activities. Lenovo will force the world together, the United States is now the first listed, China and other markets and then listed. China is completely independent, such as ZUK based on the development of the Chinese market, more emphasis on cost-effective, and Moto should go in the high-end. Q: do our users have specific positioning? Yang Yuanqing: our global positioning is the standard apple and Samsung, and not domestic brand than the Internet, isn’t that kind of a positioning. Q: Lenovo in the choice of partners, why not other Hasselblad? Yang Yuanqing: This is a high-end product,.相关的主题文章:

How to do the kidney, men eat one thing most

How do the kidney deficiency of the kidney, hot summer is a man maximum physical exertion men how to eat a thing, this time men often feel weak, you need some food supplements to enhance their physique, you know that summer men eat what food kidney? How do men how to eat a kidney the most kidney (source: visual Chinese) causes a man of kidney deficiency first   overeating modern dinner opportunities, often eat too much "delicious", most of these wastes are discharged by the kidneys, eating disorders will undoubtedly increase the burden on the kidneys. Second   too little water, if you do not drink water for a long time, the amount of urine will be reduced, the concentration of waste and toxins in the urine will increase. Clinical common kidney stones, hydronephrosis and so on are closely related to drinking water for a long time. Third   diet is too salty diet salty, resulting in increased blood pressure, kidney blood can not maintain normal flow, thus inducing nephropathy. Fourth   some people think that drinking tea drink drink drink tea can be hangover, in fact, this is not only ineffective, but also hurt the kidney. Experts said that the tea of theophylline can quickly affect the kidney and play a diuretic effect, the alcohol have not yet decomposed is excreted by the kidneys, the kidneys have large amounts of alcohol stimulation, and renal function injury. Fifth   often hold back some people because of busy work and long time holding back. Experts remind bieniao will lead to urinary tract infection and pyelonephritis. This kind of infection once repeated attacks, can cause chronic infection, not easy to cure. Sixth   "life" over some young people because of their good physical strength, several times a day, leading to excessive, excessive loss of kidney essence, which leads to kidney deficiency. If you usually pay attention to eat some food that will not appear on the kidney, the lumbar and leg pain after sexual intercourse. Even if occasionally over indulgence, but also has little effect. What kind of food does the man eat in the summer to the kidney is good 1, the animal internal organs contain more cholesterol, and cholesterol is the important formula of synthetic sex hormone. In addition, it also contains epinephrine and sex hormones, can promote the division and maturation of spermatogonia. Therefore, moderate consumption of animal heart, liver, kidney, intestines and other internal organs, is conducive to improving the level of androgen in vivo, increase semen secretion, improve sexual function. 2, zinc containing zinc is an essential trace element of human body, it has an important role in the maintenance of the normal structure and function of the male reproductive system. Zinc deficiency will make the decrease in the number of sperm, and the influence of sexual desire, sexual dysfunction. Recent results show that zinc deficiency and the traditional Chinese medicine said: "kidney yang deficiency". The highest amount of zinc containing foods is the oyster meat, such as beef and milk, chicken, chicken liver, egg yolk, shellfish, peanuts, Cereals, beans, potatoes, vegetables, brown sugar contains a certain amount of zinc. 3, the amount of fat supply in recent years, with the enhancement of people’s health consciousness, most adult men worry about fat and cholesterol can lead to obesity, heart disease, so a large number of.相关的主题文章: